National Proofreading Day 2018: Tips for Proofing Your Work Before You Hit Send

Today is #NationalProofreadingDay!

We dig this day because as communications professionals, proofreading is essential to our work. And yours. While there are certainly times when it’s ok to let a typo or poor grammar slide—for example, a text message to your best friend—you probably wouldn’t want to confuse there, they’re and their in a text to your boss, your biggest client, or in an email to a prominent journalist.

But we’re humans with chubby thumbs and Autocorrect is out to get us.

That’s why, on this special day, we thought we’d share with you some of our tips for proofing your work before you hit send.

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Hollywood Satellite Office

You’ve been following our journey for a while now and we wanted you to be one of the first to know that we’ve opened a Hollywood satellite office.

Wait. Hold up. Didn’t you once say that you don’t need a Hollywood publicist?

We sure did. And we still believe that.

It’s important to us that we keep our Midwest roots and we’re proud to be growing in and with Grand Rapids. That’s why Spectacle Creative Media will always have a home in Michigan. Likewise, we’ll always be advocates for the Midwest—its creative artists and its filmmaking voices.

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Five Ways To Be Our Favorite Client

It’s time to have a heart-to-heart. We love our clients and their projects or we wouldn’t work with them or on their projects. In fact, we pass on more clients and projects that we take on. Really.

Why? Because working in PR is straight up grueling, with long hours and a lot of coffee (and wine), so we must be passionate about the people we’re working with and the work we’re doing for them. Otherwise, it doesn’t work.

And while we don’t wanna play favorites—we will. There are some clients for whom we’ll always go a little extra. Because these are the ones who make an effort with our team to go beyond being work. They put in extra too.

Whether you’re one of our clients, you’re thinking about becoming one of our clients, or you’re in an exclusive relationship with another Public Relations firm—here are some things you or your team can do to always be the favorite client.

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