jade and rachael working the GR Film Kickoff

This is for all of my fellow peers who are interested or who need an internship. My advice is yes, get one, especially in the public relations industry, you’ll definitely need the experience.

So here’s a little background info as to how I worked my ass off to get my first internship. It all started with an extensive search on Grand Valley State University’s job/internship site, where I came upon Spectacle’s ad. I was extremely nervous to apply for internships because I felt that I wasn’t ready and that I didn’t have enough experience under my belt. I had only been in one PR class that encouraged my passion for PR and really challenged me. This was my first interview for an internship and I didn’t know what to expect, but I went into it determined to get the internship. I’ve now been at spectacle for 9 months and it’s been a great experience.

To this day Spectacle Creative Media has challenged me more than any class that I have taken. Education is important to provide a base for learning an industry, but actually working in the field and getting the real experience forces you to grow. I’ve learned the base rules for PR in classes, but actually working with real clients has allowed me to discover my strengths and skills that I can improve. The PR industry is a very hands-on, multi-faceted industry, and to be a pro it’s important to learn and —keep learning— different skills. At Spectacle, most of our clients are niche, entertainment clients and I had to learn to crawl before I could walk. This means I had to learn the ins-and-outs of the film industry too, I had to learn many aspects of the business of filmmaking, its lingo, and I had to learn the etiquette.

Whereas I used to crawl, today I am running. I’ve had the opportunity to learn film, media relations, pitching media, copywriting, coding, and event planning. I couldn’t have asked for a better internship, I get to work with a small team and work with clients that appreciate the work that I’m doing for them. A couple of my favorite projects include writing a blog post about a past client—Wicked Cool Nuts! I had the opportunity to pitch our client to many food blogs and food inspired outlets and landed an amazing placement that you should read.

I’ve recently gotten our talent and producing client Joseph Scott Anthony featured in DecayMag for his leading role in an upcoming horror-vampire film! Working with these clients has been scary and exciting but overall a great experience.

I’m learning how to handle multiple clients on my own and how to handle any curveball that may be thrown my way. I had the exciting opportunity of helping plan the launch event for the Grand Rapids Film Society. I had never planned an event on that scale before and got to learn what it really takes. I found out that it’s like planning a wedding and that a lot of time, planning and people are needed to make an event a success. I learned more about selecting the food and beverages, the entertainment, the invitations, and all of the logistics that are required for a large-scale event. The experience was high-paced and required me to to be on my toes and think quickly, I learned to calmly manage the things that I can and ask for help when needed.

I encourage everyone that might be too scared to take on this next chapter in their education and career to just apply and work your hardest. Many industries expect us to have experience, and this is the best opportunity to work in your field and prepare for a future career. I owe my future success to Spectacle Creative Media for preparing me for a bright career!