As the newest member of #teamspectacle, I often find myself looking to both Tamaryn and Jade for advice and inspiration on everything from best font style on a press release to the most practical shoe options for an event (Helvetica and wedges, respectively). My ever-evolving mobile office proves no different. Influenced by both co-workers, my backpack boasts elements found in each of their bags, delivered with a flare that is truly reminiscent of my own style and functional preferences.

My mobile office doubles as my school bag so versatility and durability are a must. My wine-colored, Herschel backpack has proven to be the perfect fit. The straps are comfortable and the material is water and stain resistant. It is large enough to hold all of the items I need to take me from Spectacle meetings to critical interpretation lectures (and occasional Starbucks runs in between) with ease.

Emily's Herschel Bag on chair

The front pocket is perfect for carrying a packet of tissues, lip balm, lipstick, earbuds, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, and my phone.

The inside of my my bag has a fleece-lined laptop sleeve where I safely store my MacBook Pro. In the main pocket, I store a variety of color coordinating folders and notebooks, computer charger, external phone battery, and my baby—my Kate Spade planner. The inner side pockets hold all of my writing utensils. One pocket holds all of my highlights, sharpies, and mechanical pencils. The other pocket holds my vast collection of Pilot G-2 07 pens. Everyone at Spectacle has a favorite pen and I am not generally a fan of pencils or black ink (far too boring), so I take my most of my notes in colored ink.

inside of Emily's backpack

My large items (backpack, planner, and phone) are all colors that I frequently wear and are easy to mix and match. While this may not be super important to most people, I get a boost of confidence when I walk out the door in an outfit with accessories that coordinate. Each of my smaller items (pens, notebooks, folders) are brightly colored so I can remain organized and can quickly identify what I need for each type of task.

Simple changes like this help me save time and let me focus on higher priority things–like elevating our clients’ media messaging and studying for impending midterms.