Spectacle WorkSTYLE: What's in Jade's Mobile Office

We’ve recently covered our very own Tamaryn’s work style and the necessities that accompany her on the go in her mobile office. Today we’re going to dive into my own mobile office and see how I’ve been preparing for ArtPrize On Screen. I’ve been working with Spectacle Creative Media since June and I’ve made many advancements, including in my work style. I mean c’mon, I’ve been learning from the best!

I just recently upgraded my mobile office bag and it’s definitely making a statement. I was using a reusable Meijer shopping bag—which worked for a bit—but now it’s time to adult a little. I channeled my inner Beyoncé and said, “Partner let me upgrade you”. I’ve been on a search for a new bag for the past 3 months and I haven’t been able to find the one until recently. I wanted a bag that was brown leather, a bit stylish, but also sturdy. The inside of the bag is pretty important too, I needed something with at least a couple pockets and as an added bonus there is even a divider that my laptop slips into.

Jade's Mobile Office

The contents of my bag do not reach the lengths of Tamaryn’s, but I usually bring the items that I know I’ll need on a case-by-case basis. There are some office supply items that are essential to have in my bag, and those include Pilot V5 RT pen, my B2P pink pen (for Spectacle-y things), a couple mechanical pencils, a steno pad, a small notebook, and the holy grail, my planner. I write every single thing that needs some sort of attention in that thing, and I’d be truly lost without it.

As for techie gear, I make sure to always have my laptop and the charger, my cellphone and its charger, and headphones. To get anything done, music is required and I always make sure to bring my headphones with me. Next to my planner, my laptop is my child and being in PR, I use my laptop for just about everything. I also always try to bring a couple essential items that I may need on the go like chapstick, gum, and Advil.

Inside Jade's Mobile Office

The weeks leading up to ArtPrize have been full of meetings and events that have really put my mobile office to the test. To prepare for this busy week, I’ve been working on an ultimate task list, as well as planning days, whether it’s travel time, outfits, or even when I’m going to eat. All of the hard work has been leading up to this week and I’m ready to take on ArtPrize with #TeamSpectacle!