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Who We Are

Since 2010, Spectacle Creative Media has grown to become a results-driven, boutique public relations and brand strategy firm with offices in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Los Angeles, California.

Our team provides integrated media strategies and executes publicity tactics for a family of clients that includes independent filmmakers, actors, film distributors, actors & influencers, business leaders, established companies, well-funded startups, and small businesses, authors and book publishers, and impactful nonprofit organizations.

What makes us different

We’re not like other Public Relations & Marketing Companies. We think and do things differently.

We’re all in. And so are our clients. We look for ways to support their authenticity and enrich the total person, team or organization by asking deeper questions and probe the heart-centered reasons behind what drives our clients to do what they do and create what they create.

We then work to align our principles, strategies, and tactics with their core values and goals in ways that inspire, transform and their total communications.

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