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Individual Publicity For Breakout Actors

Individual Publicity For Breakout Actors is a year-long publicity partnership program for dream-big actors who want to maximize their publicity opportunities.

Have You Experienced Any Of This:

  • Successfully landed key film roles but haven’t seen your score on IMDb budge?
  • Grown a modest social media following but still struggle to get the attention of notable casting directors, directors, or agents?
  • Found it exhausting and frustrating trying to manage all your media?
  • Tried to figure out how you can land interviews in media around you and your work?
  • Landed a media interview but didn’t receive requests for more?
  • Given a media interview that didn’t meet your expectations or you were unhappy with how it turned out?
  • Had a media outlet misspell your name?
  • Used your media-savvy and built a website you’re proud of—but your milkshake isn’t bringing all the unique visitors to your yard?

It’s time to fix that.

Our Individual Publicity for Breakout Actors can help clearly define your goals and fast-track your media growth. We’ll help you set an achievable strategy, pitch you to media, and give you the support and media skills you’ll need to succeed in this highly competitive industry.

Who Will Benefit The Most?

This program is for actors who are serious about making their living as a working actor. These are actors who are on the edge of getting their big career break, who are currently experiencing an inflection point, and who are ready to accelerate their career.

Here are some career metrics to know if this is right for you:

You'll Get Strategic Publicity, Guidance & Community.

This is not just another online course or coaching program. We designed this program to not only pair you with your own skilled and well-connected publicity strategist & publicist but also teach you the critical knowledge and skills every rising actor needs and hone these to perfection.

This program includes:

1-on-1 Publicity Strategy Calls With An Experienced Publicist
We’ll discuss your goals, project history, and brainstorm media angles and stories.
1-hour long call per month. Must take place b/w 10 & 6 pm Eastern US  Monday – Friday. No Major US Holidays.

Media Pitching On Your Behalf
We’ll work with you to build 6 unique-to-you campaigns per year and pitch you to 30 targeted media outlets per campaign. We’ll choose these outlets based on your unique goals, projects, and publicity needs. We’ll also make necessary follow-ups and help schedule any confirmed media requests.

Media Training Sessions (Live Group Webinars)
This is the same type of media training top-tier talent and other professionals go through to be poised, polished, and quick-on-their-feet when interacting with media or when giving interviews.

  • Mock Interviews & Crafting Your Perfect Talking Points
  • Interview Tactics to Help You Give Your Best Interview

4 Next-Level Webinars To Maximize Your Media Efforts And Turn Them Into Casting Opportunities

  • Email Lists & Newsletters – why they’re essential to your career
  • Regional, Genre, & Wackadoodle Stories – creative ways to get the headlines
  • How to use your Press Breaks to get cast
  • Blogging. Yes, you really do need one.
  • Your Website & SEO tips for Actors
Coordinate with Project Creators, Distributors, & Your Talent Representatives.
We’ll help you keep important team members in the loop as well as advocate on your behalf to make sure major media opportunities are not missed.

The Real Scoop On Press Kits, Press Releases & Media Calendars
Never miss a media opportunity. Use our time-tested template to build the perfect, always media-ready press kit. Additionally, you’ll learn important press release etiquette that every media person wants you to know. We’ll also show you how to create and maintain a media calendar that works for you.

Make Sure This Is Right For You

There is no get-famous-quick trick. There are no magic spells, plug-and-play formulas, and no guaranteed results.

Having a successful acting career that you’re proud of takes immense focus, dedication, and a risk-taking spirit. Most of all—you’ll need to dig in, take steady action, and commit to playing the long game. 

We know that when an up-and-coming actor takes the step to invest in publicity, it is no small investment. We also know that it signals to the industry—that you’re making a serious commitment to your future career success. 

That’s why we not only work with you to build a publicity foundation for your career but a long-term client relationship. As there are a lot of outside factors in play, we can’t make any guarantees as to the media opportunities you’ll have or the roles you may be offered. What we can promise is that we will do the hard work, keep you updated along the way, and work with you to maximize your media opportunities to help increase your appeal to casting directors and other industry decisionmakers.

With this in mind, to make sure we have enough time to dedicate to each of our clients, be they actors, filmmakers, or authors, at this time, enrollment in this program is open twice per year—in the Spring and Fall—and only to 20 determined people each time. 

Program Enrollment Will Open Again September 2019.

If you are an actor in need of PR outside of our program dates, please contact us for a quote.

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