Alex Sorian Brown on the red carpet for Magala. He's standing full body wearing a black suit, bear chest and sneakers. Photo taken by Ana Belen Fernandez

Does this sound like you?

  • Major media like VarietyThe Hollywood Reporter,  The Huffington Post, TODAY, INC., or Rolling Stone aren’t talking about your projects.
  • You’re not making much of an impression with important industry influencers such as festival programmers, sales agents, and distributors.
  • You’re struggling to figure out how filmmakers you admire are getting film reviews and interviews in IndieWire or Rotten Tomatoes, but your announcements seem to go unnoticed.
  • You’re tired of feeling like it’s too hard to get people excited about your film or project.

We can help.

We’ve helped our many of our clients overcome their frustration, build a publicity plan that works, and be featured in major media. If you’re ready, we can help you, too.

Our greatest joy is seeing our clients’ audiences grow and their career goals achieved. By leveraging public relations strategy and tactics, we can help you tap into your existing network in innovative ways, propelling your projects to greater visibility.

Our clients have called our work:

Couldn’t have done it without them

Here are just a few organizations that have recommended us:

• Sundance Film Festival
• Dances With Films Festival (Los Angeles & New York)
• Stowe Story Labs

Cast and crew of "Shut up Jack" film premiere at the 2024 Tribeca Festival including Alec Bewkes. 4 Men wearing suits and one woman wearing a formal yellow dress holding a purse standing in front of a logo wall with the Tribeca Festival and Starbucks logos repeating. All are smiling. Photo by Thea Traff

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