When you think there’s nothing new to say, say it anyway—how our Inbox Zero Workflow landed on Fast Company.

Ever have an idea and think “This is cool, I wonder if other people need this?” And then you get on the Google and you see like HUNDREDS of posts and articles about the thing you’re thinking about, and you’re like “Well shit. No one cares about what I have to say.” And you’re a little deflated, so you close the tab and eat a fun-size Snickers bar. 

Well, when that little jerk Doubt starts telling you what you have to say is not new or important shut him up and try it anyway. 

Because here’s the thing, I almost let that happen to me. I almost didn’t pitch Fast Company my Inbox Zero workflow. I was afraid to admit there was a time I wasn’t at my best. But then I remembered that’s stupid. So I pitched it.

And they ran the story.

Don’t doubt yourself. Share your personal stories. It’s ok to talk about some of the things you sucked at—and how you overcame them. Be Real. Be you. Be fearless.

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