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We Kicked Off a New Collaboration With Stage 32

We’re excited to share that Spectacle Creative Media is Collaborating with Stage 32 to write and publish a Film Publicity blog series. We’ll share important information each month, such as what it’s like working with a publicist, insights, trends, and much more. Our first post is actually an updated version of our very first blog post, “Waiting Until Post-Production To Hire A Film Publicist Will Cost You,” which Tamaryn wrote years ago for the famed filmmaking social platform.

Here’s a snippet:

Procrastination Gets Your Film Zero Likes On Social Media

I’ve never understood the inclination to ignore creating a marketing and publicity plan. The argument I usually hear from filmmakers is, “We don’t have the budget,” “That’s for the distributor to do,” or sometimes I hear, “We didn’t have time.” But that’s short-sighted.

Most independent filmmakers forgo hiring a unit or film publicist in pre-production. There are many reasons they do this, but the most common one is that they don’t think they have it in their budget. The truth is filmmakers can’t afford to make that mistake. Planning your publicity strategy in pre-production will give your film its best chance at success. Here’s a deeper look into why independent filmmakers should have a film publicist on their team from the get-go.

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